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Track Vehicles offering vehicle tracking system allow you to track your car, bus, truck, fuel tanks and many more.The system is also known as GPS Tracking system work with the help of global positioning system. By this system you can track your vehicle through your mobile or PC and many more security equipment. Do you want to find out different locations and track them comfortably using advanced technologies? With the help of GPS Tracking system, you can easily track a vehicle of locations in India any where to travel those places with no trouble. Main function : 1. Real time uploads location information via time/distance interval 2. Image transmit (take photos by digital camera) 3. Real-time Positioning & Tracking 4. SOS Function & Power-cut Alert 5. Audio Monitoring 6. Fuel level Monitoring 7. Remote controlling oil & circuit 8. ACC/Door/Trunk/bonnet/shock Alert 9. Special Vehicle Monitoring (dump trucks pouring, mixers rotating, etc.) 10. GPS & A-GPS (LBS-location based service) 11.Support google map 12.Show location directly on mobile phone with HTTP google map link 13.Absolute street address request by SMS. 14.Works with PC/Mac/Smart Phones with Internet Access.

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